Why Do Right-wing Hardliners slander TPLF of being “Dominant” over Ethiopian Political Economy? (Video) – Awramba Times

by Zelalem
Desta says:

Whom are you trying to convince with posing such question?
Take an independent survey from ordinary citizens (unless you consider them all right wing hardliners ), then you will find the truth. TPLF militias who works in Federal offices are intermediating, harassing, treating other Ethiopians as second citizens for last 25 years.
Besides, most TPLF will tell you about “weyane Revolution” that they are better than other Ethiopians. However, in reality , they are looters of poor Ethiopia and citizens. Just check with Federal auditor report. Also sugar factory case, defense, Metec ……
Weyane Revolution has become looting a nation with establishing network along ethnic line. This is ugly face of Ethnic association. law , justice and equality disregarded to hide and protect fellow ethnic members. They committee crime by association and get away. That is why corruption has become rampant in Ethiopia. Most get away because their tribe members protect them through network as PM Hailemariam Desalegn said. Rule of law, justice and equality can not exist in such atmosphere and society.

When TPLF’s leaders said they are ROTTEN POLITICALLY , they also decayed in their personal and morally life . They used for the war over 60 thousands poor peasant kids who grown in poverty and in famine to come to power. Once, they got power at expense of those poor kids , they created ruling family club among themselves, began looting, sending their own family to Europe and USA. They have become milliners and billionaires.
So, just do some fact checks, you will get the answer. Or ask L/G Tsadikan

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