What kind of gun Meles Zenawi bodyguards carry?

by ocean

Wondering what kind of guns Meles Zenawi bodyguards carry while they escort him to the polling station in Adwa, Tigray for the 2010 Ethiopian election?

This Modern assault rifle is Tavor T.A.R. 21 a product of Israel.

Manufacturer: Range Israel Military Industries (IMI)
Model: Tavor TAR-21
Country: Israel

The development of the new assault rifle, that should eventually replace in service the ageing M16A1, CAR-15 and IMI Galil assault rifles, began in Israel in the 1991. The new rifle was developed by the Israel Military Industries (IMI, now privatized as IWI – Israeli Weapons Industries Ltd) company, in close cooperation with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). This new rifle received the name of “Tavor” and the designation of TAR-21 (Tavor Assault Rifle, for 21st century). The new rifle first appeared on public in the 1998, and it had been tested by the IDF during 1999-2002. Initial issue of Tavor rifles to IDF showed some teething problems, but by now the Tavor is already in widespread use by IDF, and it seems that many earlier problems are worked out. It is also in limited use with Special Operation forces of India and Georgia.

Meles Zenawi in Adwa

Ethiopia's PM Meles Zenawi is escorted by guards who carries Tavor TAR21 after casting his ballot in the northern Ethiopian town of Adwa.

Modern warfare Tavor TAR21

Modern warfare Tavor TAR21 partially disassembled

Tavor, assault rifle is lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed to become an “organic” part of the warfighter. It has already been chosen to arm the Israeli (IDF) and Indian elite troops, and is aggressively marketed worldwide, to become a weapon of choice for future infantry combat suits.

The name “T.A.R. 21” stands for “Tavor Assault Rifle 21st Century”.

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edge May 27, 2010 - 2:29 pm

Thank you for the info. I don’t know how credible the claim is that you can easily hit a target at 300 meters firing in the upright position. If it is true then it certainly is impressive.


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