VIDEO updates of the bombing of Uganda. Al-Shabab ‘hallmarks’ in Uganda blasts that killed 64 people

by ocean collected all the video updates related to Sunday’s Uganda terrorist attack bombings during the final 2010 world cup match.

Ugandan officials have blamed Somalia’s Al-Shabab fighters for twin bomb attacks that ripped through the capital Kampala on Sunday.

At least 64 people were killed in the attacks, apparently aimed at foreigners.

They had gathered to watch the finals of the football World Cup.

In an interview, Ayo Johnson, an analyst for Africa Inform, the African news agency,

told Al Jazeera that the attacks have “all the hallmarks” of al-Shabab’s implication.

uganda bombing video

Uganda bombing video

Related Videos of Uganda’s bombing.

Al Jazeera talks with Ayo Johnson, an analyst for Africa Inform, the African news agency.

CNN Don lemon news on Uganda bombing

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Alexen Woldu July 12, 2010 - 8:49 pm

R.I.P but it’s all EPRDF’s fault for running a war with neighbor who are Blood thirsty and Murderous since 1980s ….and our government move to stir up and put an administration lame like ours failed and it did not end then it begin haunting Ethiopian government interest and civil citizens abroad. This is yet again a failed strategy which always ignores the talking part of politics. As the saying goes “make your mess, a message ‘but again EPRDF failed to do so. I am really sad and mad at the same time. Our government’s war against ‘terror’ left its mark on our hearts at the world cup final. And there is no better time to consider imperialists’ fund to regional stability and safety of civilian citizens home and abroad. And I hope the government will be a lot smarter next time around, we only have one life to live: no life to spare! GOD put their soul in heaven.

Birhanu Kebede July 13, 2010 - 12:04 pm

R.I.P, so devastating .


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