UAE: Sponser finds Ethiopian driver murdered at home

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Sharjah: Police have started investigating the mysterious killing of a
domestic worker who was found dead at home on Sunday with his head

A police source told Gulf News that the 28-year-old Ethiopian man had
been working as a driver for a prominent Emirati family in Dasman area
for more than two years.

“The victim’s sponsor reported the crime to police on Sunday morning,”
police said.

“The head of the victim was smashed with what seems like a heavy metal
rod,” the source said.
The sponsor discovered the crime when he went to the driver’s room,
located in the same villa, police said.

“When the sponsor went to call the driver for work he found him dead,
lying in a pool of blood,” police said.


Police are investigating the case and questioning people who were in
touch with driver.

They are also talking to other domestic helps working for the sponsor.

The police source said that the brutal murder has shocked the entire family.

They are now focusing on analysing the information gathered from the
crime scene.

“Once we finish our primary investigations the case will be
transferred to the public prosecution for further investigation,”
police said.

The police did not release the name of the Ethiopian victim.

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