Two ETV journalists charged with selling info. To Al-Jazeera

by ocean

Two journalists working for the state-owned Ethiopia Radio and Television Agency (ERTA) were indicted by the prosecutor of the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission on corruption charges for allegedly plotting to sell information which, according to the commission, can potentially mar the image of the country, in violation of their professional obligation.

According to informed sources, Haileyesus Worku, producer of Good Governance and Democracy program, and Abdulsemed Mohammed, a reporter of the “meznagna” program, were accused of preparing a document that damages the country’s standing and selling same to a foreign media outlet, namely Al-Jazeera. The two journalists were apprehended on the verge of



completing a deal that would have netted them over one million birr up on a tip from concerned citizens, sources said.

They added that the prosecutor’s request for the suspects to be remanded into custody for a 14-day period till its investigation was completed was not accepted by the court and that it was granted 7 days to be done with its investigation.

According to the sources, Haileyesus had obtained a US entry Visa with a view to travel there.

Repeated attempts to confirm the story from both the commission and ERTA failed since both were unavailable for comment.

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