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by Zelalem

Lalibela Town situated in the northern part of Ethiopia is famous for rock- hewn churches. For Christians it is also one of Ethiopia’s holiest cities, second only to Aksum. A centre of pilgrimage, it is a concurring spot for hundreds if not thousands of tourists from around the world. With the growing number of tourists, the need for improving infrastructural facilities and related things proves exigent.

Liza Wormell, a British tourist approached by reporters about the services delivered by the hotels in the city in particular and the country in general said: ” When lodgers want services, hotels do their level best to render one. Obviously things are going as per the international trend. So far, during our stay here we have not come across something that was untoward. Specially, I very much liked the hotel by Lake Tana. In Gondar as well we had lodged at decent hotel.”

It is rewarding to visit the rocky mountains from Debark down to Aksum. The road built by the Fascist Italia is something extraordinary, she added.

Dora Sihoes from Portugal, Lisbon on her part said : “I am really wonder struck because I have not thought it would look like this. The rock-hewn churches are much bigger, beautiful and in fact quite wonderful. The services rendered by hotels and others are very good. Everything is delivered on time.”

Asked about her observation about Ethiopians she said : “What I recommend the youth is not to try to be like Europeans. Be more like yourself because as much you are yourself as much we like it.”

She added : “I think in Europe ,biased, it is a wrong picture most paint about Ethiopia. I believe most of the people have still that image. But after seeing things firsthand, I have realized that distorted image has nothing to do with Ethiopia’s current posture. Ethiopia is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa. I didn’t expect that is why I am taken aback in every way.”

Gregory Lunnon is from England, 30 miles North West of London. This reporter intercepted him for interviewee at Lalibela City.

He said : ” We feel very safe. Everyone is very friendly. It is my first tour to Ethiopia. The variety, culture, heritage sites and people are so lovely. This time in England it is very cold and raining but here we are enjoying good climate.”

Susan Aitchison is engaged in hotel investment in Lalibela Town. She is from Scotland. She is the owner of a restaurant called Ben Abeba in the town with Ethiopian consultants.

“I originally came as a teacher to Ethiopia. I arrived at Lalibela in September 2007. My dream was to open a new school. I contracted a young cab driver to show me around.He told me that it would be nice if a small restaurant is opened in Lalibela that serves very palatable dishes. I reflected that would be something nice to do as Lalibela is a touristic spot. Then , we looked for a plot to launch the project. In November 2008, the city administration provided us land on lease and we opened the restaurant. We are doing very well. Employing 45 people we are running our restaurant. All the employees are in their early 20’s and all are from Lalibela area. Tourists are getting excellent services, good food and our business is growing.”

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