The Looming Danger That Africa & International Community Needs to Confront Wisely

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Article by Omer Hussein Dualeh

The situation in the Horn of Africa is basically of that of famine and
unprecedented drought affecting many countries, but when this
catastrophe eases, and the Shabaab leaves the operating theater, there
is another danger that I foresee coming without any doubt, unless the
International Community addresses it wisely. Somaliland celebrated
20th anniversary of its reclamation of its Statehood in May, 2011 and
is proud of its unique achievements that are very rare in Africa,
which now faces a real danger. The current events in Somalia many have
said in length, but due to the momentum that is building now due to
the hidden agendas of some, this warrants us to look beyond our nose.

The denial of AU to support and acknowledge the rights of Somaliland
people’s self determination was a tragic mistake and still is. In my
view this could spark a new war in the already troubled Horn, unless
the will of my people is seriously considered by the International
Community. Now the TFG is praising itself, and they are openly
boasting that, once Al Shabaab is dealt with, their main priority will
focus on destabilizing Somaliland (‘THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN AFRICA),
instead of concentrating on rebuilding they shattered country. This is
bad news for the Horn. The signs of that bad news are already showing,
when you consider the Puntland kidnapping of the Somaliland elected
authorities in the Sool province of Somaliland. That was a naked
aggression of serious magnitude, and in my view was a coordinated
effort by TFG and Puntland.

Another unfortunate event is that of total absence of those who
suppose to protect the one and only democracy in Horn, which is
vulnerable in the eyes of those who believe it’s against their
interest, and will subvert anytime they choose, if those who believe
in democracy did not take the necessary steps to protect before its
too late. Somaliland emerged confidently from Somalia’s disintegration
and inter-clan conflict in 1991, and Solely built its destroyed
country without any outside help. It’s the most effective working
democracy that should be protected by the UN, AU and the each and
every government on earth who believes the good governance and
democracy in real terms.

Somaliland has all the requirements of a statehood and provides for
its people with the meager income, better than many recognized
existing states in the Continent of Africa, without access to
resources, funding or aid from anywhere,  yet the big powers who claim
guardians of democracy are yet to see beyond their nose.

Somaliland new government has made concerted effort to increase my
country visibility and political contacts at the international arena,
but there are those who subvert every step of the way, and this proves
the collective statement of the foreign ministries of the South Africa
and Tanzania. Just read in between the lines, and what comes out for
you will definitely be astonishing? Who’s Mr. Mahega, the
Representative of UN to Somalia? He is Tanzanian who is here to
destabilize Somaliland, and I believe he is the one who is behind the
new development that is building now, but he and others are forgetting
something, and its this: We the  Somalilanders have achieved what we
have today due to the peace that we cherish and the patience of our
people. We believe we will emerge victorious at the end, because there
are signs showing now that there is a possibility of countries heading
to unilaterally recognise Somaliland, but the alarm bell I am ringing
here, is what we and the international community desire to be
seriously considered..

We expect from this world to support our fulfilment of many of the
criteria listed in the agreements that define statehood, particularly
the Montevideo Convention of 1933, or else, whoever tries to ignore
the rights of our people and supports the continuation of wars in the
Horn, we will meet with fierce resistance that we are renowned for,
the way we have liberated our country in 1980s.

Somaliland people are expected from AU to bring back on to the table
of 2005 AU fact finding mission outcome which clearly and objectively
viewed the case of Somaliland should not be linked to the notion of
“opening a Pandora’s box” Another mission of 2008 further says that
Somaliland fulfils many of the aspects of state recognition and if
recognized could be the source of stability in the Horn of Africa.

Hence, what is holding back the AU to gallantly endorse the legal
divorce of  Somaliland from the failed state of Somalia, or do they
want to resuscitate the failed until it comes out of the long comma
and encourage to destabilize Somaliland?

Finally, those who care of the stability of the Horn, must and without
delay, take the right decision and allow Somaliland to be part of the
international community and enjoy the the hard earn of statehood.

Omer Hussein Dualeh,
Doha – Qatar

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