The Climber – Sirak Seyoum’s Story


Sirak Seyoum, an electrical engineer living in San Francisco, has taken months off his professional position at Cargill Corp., to be the first Ethiopian to conquer Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Sirak discovered his passion for climbing more than 11 years ago and has since been climbing actively countless mountain ranges around the world nonstop.

As a young boy, Sirak grew up in Gondar idolizing sports legends like Pele and Abebe Bikila, who continued to inspire his love for the outdoors and engage in college sports while excelling academically at Michigan Tech University (MTU), where he travelled to with his parents, both PhD holders.

His father, Dr. Seyoum Tatichef passed away in 2011, proud and supportive of his son’s mountain climbing ambitions. While a little anxious, his mother Dr. Fantaye Mekbeb is also Sirak’s number one fan, thankful to see her son’s passion coming to fruition in 2019. She is confident in his ability to reason and his mental/physical strengths, as are all his friends.

Sirak’s conquest of some of the most challenging mountains around the world is testament to his level of fitness that is beyond compare. As if climbing mountains is not challenging enough, Sirak is known to wear weighted vests to “enhance” his experience.

You can visit his Facebook page to find out more about him and please support Sirak’s efforts to become the first Ethiopian to climb Mount Everest by visiting his GoFundMe page and making donations.


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