TECNO targets USD 300 mil export revenue

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Unveils phone with 24 MP camera resolutions

In spite of a debilitating foreign currency shortage, TECNO Mobile Ethiopia, a subsidiary of the Chinese Transsion Holdings, is eyeing USD 300 million in export revenue by end of 2020 overtaking the current intake of some of the rising subsectors in Ethiopia’s light manufacturing industry: leather and textile.

As per the plans laid down by the company, by 2018, the third assembly plant was supposed to be operational pushing their production capacity to two million units per year. This plan is crucial to hitting the revenue targets it set for itself, months ago.

However, expectations seem bleak as acute shortages of hard currency made the 280,000 sq.m sized new plant unable to assemble at its fullest capacity. Assembling one million units of mobile phones is the installed capacity of the factory set up at the ICT-Park, some 15 kilometers to the north of Addis Ababa. Previously built two factories, altogether have the size of manufacturing close to one million phones annually. 

In addition to the existing hard currency shortages, the State of Emergency has also become a deterrent factor contributing to the limited production which is way below its capacity. Hence, so far, chances for TECNO to meet its export targets are getting slimmer, while its capacity to supply the local market is also facing challenges.

Philex Meng, marketing director of TECNO international, hopes that these problems go away soon and allow TECNO to expand. Furthermore, he noted that countries such as Egypt are under the company’s considerations to install additional manufacturing units. According to Meng, in addition to Ethiopia, there are five assembling plants TECNO is running outside of China, where it is based.

Meanwhile, TECNO has also unveiled a newly designed CAMON X and CAMON X PRO smart phones last week, taking the competition in the premium budget smartphone market a step further. The unveiling held in Nigeria added to the evolving series of models with which it has been able to conquer the African market.

In an annual event held in Lagos last week—TECNO 2018 Global Spring Launch – officials of the company stated that the new gadgets have an immense 24 and 16-megapixel (MP) image resolution on front and rear cameras with dual image processor in order to guarantee fast and clear images.  

TECNO’s global launch of new phones has been made from Nigeria since 2015. Last week, the phone maker’s newest series is meant to be a major leap from the 16 MP CAMON CX series. The front camera also has dual crystal-clear flashlights attached beside it with the option of adjusting the brightness effect using motions or gestures. This helps to have a required level of light exposure in every image depending on its setting in each interval. According Meng, the new phones will have 4 gigabits (GB) processing capability and 64 GB installed memory.

Andy Yan, vice president of Transsion told reporters that one million faces of people have been featured while developing the high definition image sensing application. This enables users to have additional security features on top of finger prints, passcodes and the like.

The new smart phone is expected to arrive to Ethiopia within the next 50 days.

Back in January TECNO released its frameless full-screen display, CAMON CM. The device was the latest in the CAMON series.

Since 2006, TECNO has released a couple of smart phones, tablets, accessories and the like which have contributed to conquer the African smart phones markets very quick. Reports indicated that TECNO brand is becoming a major player in the continent, contending with the well-rooted Apple and Samsung brands.

Claiming relatively 200 million units of sales across Africa and the Middles East, TECNO is closing the margin where Apple and Samsung have dominated.

Currently, TECNO is said to have 30 percent market share in Africa. The company stated that it has a sizable market in Asia and Latin America in addition to Africa and the Middle East. Yet, TECNO is still struggling to be recognized in Europe and Northern America markets.

Stephen Ha, managing director of TECNO Mobile asserted that Africa is a stronghold for image research centers and are becoming increasingly operational facilities in Africa and beyond where TECNO installed to make sharp and high-quality selfies appealing options to customers in Africa.

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