Suspect Who Hit and Run Ethiopian Gejea Ejeta Surrendered (Video)

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The woman who drove an out of control vehicle slams into a 7-11 employee Gejea Ejeta in Yeadon has surrendered.

Willaisha Rankins turned her self in to police, shortly after 12 p.m., giving the public the first look at the woman who police say was behind the wheel on that June evening.

With her, lawyer and sister by her side, Rankins was wearing a white dress as she walked by reporters.

Police say Rankins was the driver behind the wheel of the vehicle that slammed into a Yeadon 7-11 clerk as he swept up in front of the convenience store.

hit-and-run-Gejea Ejeta-Willaisha-Rankins-surrender

Willaisha Rankins was behind a wheel when a her car crash Gejea Ejeta

On the advice of her attorney, Rankins would not comment, but her sister did comment to the media gaggle as they walked up to the Yeadon police station.

“it’s not easy for anybody to do this…ok?” she said.

The clerk miraculously survived the horrific crash with a few cuts, bumps & bruises.
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  • As for Rankins, she was arraigned and allowed to return for a July court date.

    Rankins was arraigned on no fewer than 6 charges, including vehicular accident resulting in death or permanent injury

    She was released on $40,000 bail.

    As for her victim, he is still recovering from those injuries.

    Alleged 7-11 Hit & Run Driver In Custody:

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