Sudan’s State Minister for Information

Tayitu 14th

In a discussion with local newspaper, Sudan’s State Minister for Information, Yassir Yousif who was in Addis over the past week for bilateral meeting with Government Communications Affairs Office , stressed that the media in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt should deliver accurate and fair reports concerning the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project. The State Minister further underscored that media practitioners need to take cautions that their reports would not breed suspicion within the Eastern Nile Basin countries, including Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. The State Minister also underlined that the GERD would be a source of common development in the region. He also proposed that media associations drawn from the three countries ought to set up an organization that would comprise media practitioners in these three countries to deliver balanced and fair reports about GERD. During the week-long stay in Addis Ababa, the Sudanese media delegation that came to Addis Ababa accompanying State Minister paid visits to numerous media organizations, including the Ethiopian News Agency and Ethiopian Broadcast Corporation as well as held talks with senior Government officials.

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