Sudanese Students Stage Anti-Government Protests, Clash with Police

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Sudanese police clashed with students Sunday as anti-government protests broke out in the capital, Khartoum.

Hundreds of students took part in the protests, shouting slogans that criticized high prices, the government, and President Omar al-Bashir.

At least three demonstrations took place, one in central Khartoum and two at local universities.  Witnesses say at one of the schools, students threw stones at police, who in turn beat them with batons.

Sudan January 30 call for protest

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The students protested at a university in Khartoum, chanting “No to high prices, no to corruption” and “Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan together as one.”

About 100 students hurled rocks at police officers, who forced them back. Five people were arrested, authorities said.

Students resumed the protests and tried to engage bystanders as soon as police left the area.

Authorities have reported five arrests.

The students were responding to Internet pleas for peaceful, anti-government rallies.  Organizers said they were inspired by the protests that toppled Tunisia’s president and the ongoing demonstrations in Egypt.

The protests coincided with the first official announcement that southern Sudan has voted to secede from the north.

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