Successful Immigrant Returns To Ethiopia, Brings His Hometown Their First Ambulance

Sebri Omar


Sebri Omer emigrated from Ethiopia to the United States as a young man and began to seek the American Dream. He went to college and now has a family and a successful small business, as owner of a gas station.

Sebri Omar
Sebri Omar

When he returned to Ethiopia, however, he was shocked by what he saw. Rampant disease and a desperate need for a hospital in his hometown of Harar. He sold half of his businesses and began to fund such a hospital. Just recently, he delivered to Harar the town’s very first ambulance.

Daryn Kagan reports on Omer’s projects through her website and in her book, “What’s Possible.”


Source: huffingtonpost

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  1. I thought we had Ambulance in Addis Ababa already dont we? I thought I saw Ambulance wen I was bk home long tyme ago 🙂

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