Struggle Over the Nile : Reduction Egypt Water Share is Threaten us with Thirst and Death [MUST WATCH]

by yeEthiopiaforums

It is the world’s longest river; a 7,000km life-line for almost 400 million people.

Flowing north, the Nile runs through 11 countries, including South Sudan, from the highlands in the heart of Africa to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a source of sustenance, but also of tension – and even potential conflict.
For centuries, Egypt has sought to be Master of the Nile – seeking to tame the river’s unpredictable flow and ensure exclusive control over its use.

“We are wholly dependent on the Nile. We have no other water sources. So, the truth is any threat against the Nile waters will result in the reduction of Egypt’s share. This would threaten us with thirst and death …. We don’t have hostile intentions against anyone. We don’t go to war just for the sake of fighting. But if someone is going to stop the water, Egypt will die of thirst. Then we will fight … with all means available”

Hussam Swailam, former Egyptian military general

But today, countries upstream are challenging this dominance and are pushing for a greater say and greater share of the River Nile.

“I know that some people in Egypt have old-fashioned ideas based on the assumption that the Nile water belongs to them and that Egypt has the right to decide … who gets what of the Nile water and that the upper riparian countries are unable to use the Nile water because they will be unstable and because they will be poor. These circumstances have changed and changed forever”

Meles Zenawi, Ethiopian prime minister

This three-part series examines the historical roots and present-day realities of the Struggle Over the Nile – exploring the efforts of some to tame the unpredictable river, the colonial decisions that remain a point of bitter dispute and the geopolitical rivalries playing out today.

‘Africa’s large dams have not reversed poverty, they have not dramatically increased electricity rates, they have not dramatically improved water supply for people living there … What they have done is help create small industrial economy that tends to be companies from Europe and elsewhere and so these benefits are really really concentrated in a very small elite.’

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Aseffa June 8, 2011 - 2:49 pm

Egyptian never stop from trying to keep Ethiopia in fear and poverty. Our time is now we should keep push hard to get a fare share of nile river. they used this method for centuries it should be stopped.
God bless Ethiopian and the people.

goban gergo June 8, 2011 - 4:12 pm

Both, hussan Sawallaw and Meles Zenawi are speaking english. Hussan Swallaw already exposed the secret that meles zenawi try to hide it . Yes, for centuries- Egypt has sought to be master of the Nile and did a lot of things in the horn of Africa,in all riparian countries.Egypt due to the relation with Isreal favored many things form the weste and devloped countries.

One of the master plan on the Nile that has been taken by Egypt- the creation of TPLF. It was more than ten years TPLF manfesto were prepared by joint-venture that able to creat TPLF.Today meles the president of TPLF continue confusing Ethiopian people while he is working for destruction. ”read one of anti horn of Africa specially anti Ethiopia Dr muhammad shamsaddin clearly exposed on his articles”peace in sudan means irrvocable destruction of Abyssina” it was not new information for norh sudan,egypt and meles zenawi but this information was unbliveable new to ethiopian nations.

During the previouse agreement (dispute) Ethiopians were not colonialzed,there where a war and mess, just like today’s Egypt poltical mess-up.but meles was dealing with mubark but fortunatly the time table get collapesd due to the new government maight be not quilfied ? .the new government is not stable to make war (destructive war) accordingly Dr muhammad shamsaddin articles.

The stratege of meles Zenawi is not diffrent from muhammad plan .he was the propaganda for meles zenawi and egypt support.but falsley accuse meles zenawi polticis to hide any debout with ethiopian nations. That means meles want a destructive war against ethiopian people which creats civil war.due to uprising civil war, meles Zenawi proclam the new nations at the north. Esayes Afeworki, kept silent because he is centrfuge of this strateges.

Innocint ethiopians contrbuting there month salary for Nile dam water, while the dam get freezed till egypt back to prepare it self.

No debout ,meles will start the dam but the war takes place .due to this wollega diveded in to benashengule declared indpendance, but later on ownd by privated organization because benashangule can not be being state. small country considerd as statless and they can not be consderd but ownd by benashangule ,gambella, ogaden,east somalia… there are many pices land expeted to be ownd unless the strateges get damped

So Egypt did master over Nile able to create the devil that so called TPLF .I surprise still many of ethiopians could not beaware of meles strateges 20 years fool. he regim prevously express himselfe as anti ethiopian flag”dirty cloth”

Horn Africa remain poor and unstable because of Egyptians directly apply anti nationalty ,triablism.ethinc fedralism …. The horn of Africa genocide is due to the egyptians propaganda officialy injected to the nations

goban gergo June 9, 2011 - 4:49 pm

This master strategs of egypt born meles Zenawi. meles zenawi know nothing when he selected to rehears this great missions.all the eductation provied to him was -the future of Nile water north ethiopian libration and eniglish language.
This Nile eduction was-no part of ethiopians owned Nile water.wollega must devided based the footage nile. Nile would be a border of any pecise land like benashangule or others, then no one going to dam nile water and egypt recive full water resorses. Sudan searching any refugees deport or kill if they act anti ethiopiansor oppose ethiopian destruction.the Oromo reginal map is not based Oromo states ,it based on Nile water. 1000 oromo intellectuals were debate over the latin alphabet to use Affan Oromo. but TPLF,Egypt ,Ertrean USA and some false international organizations put pressure to adpote the latin alphabet to broke down the huge histry of ethiopians/oromo people. Still it is clear some opposation group posible to revolt and redirect it.

This all, interfferning, creating tplf, keeping on power, ignorning ethiopians appeal due to Nile water for the support of Egypt. ignnorant meles envadding own country .so that freezing Nile water dam is wating for egypte to prepare herself for war. this is the dream of meles zenawi while innocent ethiopians are pay out there month salary. I hope there no ethiopians hate dam nile water, but we hate the misschife of meles zenawi

ZEGEYE BAHIRU June 12, 2011 - 5:40 pm

Do some people forget that every one have the right to get water ?Do some countries forget Ethiopia is the main contributer of Nile?It is surprising to think the source not to use it’s own property.It is old fashioned.I hv exausted to hear some short circed comments Like goban gorgo.

gaga June 15, 2011 - 7:24 am

the man who named as goban gergo, have completly facken idea. you are the first person wishes to disentegrate the ethiopian nations.leave us alone u are idiot diaspora.

Ende'Ab June 16, 2011 - 10:37 am

Sorry Goban, I don’t think that you have some knowledge about the nile water politics. You simply wrote goofy ideas which shouldn’t be presented in such website rather you should simply ask your friends around and discuss over it.
I ain’t a politician also I don’t support the TPLF regime but the Great renaissance dam is not about TPLF. It’s all about Ethiopia! I thought some thing that you want to see about the dam is its delay, huh?! So foolish, you will never see it. In general you will never see those messes over Ethiopia. About the politics let it to the politicians!


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