Somaliland: SL/Ethiopia sign Trade and Security Treaty

DSC_0620By Goth Mohamed Goth

SomalilandPress-The Government of Somaliland and the Federal government of Ethiopia officials meet on Friday to sign a joint agreement which will alleviate the livelihoods of the citizens of the two nations and also improve of this international trade route provides significant potential for increased revenues in both Somaliland and Ethiopia at the Ambassador Hotel.

The signing ceremony took place at the prestigious Ambassador Hotel on Friday with Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis and Ethiopian Minister of Finance and Economy Hon Sufian Ahmed signing on behalf of the two countries.

Hon Bihi Yonis speaking moments after the signing ceremony said, “On behalf of the people of Somaliland I do hereby extend our appreciation to the two countries committee for the hard work and progress that they have achieved in the last 14 years, we all know that Somaliland and its neighbors stand to benefit from this joint venture and once upon the completion it will change the economics of the whole region.

Hon Bhi went on to say, “Somaliland stands to benefit from cheap electricity power which we hope our neighbor shall begin to supply  in the near future just like Djibouti which had a similar problem until they negotiated with their friendly neighbor Ethiopia to provide much needed affordable electricity. Consequently, the cost per kilowatt of electricity in Djibouti went down significantly followed by a robust economy.

“The agreement signed with Ethiopia provides a framework that addresses long term geo-political and economic advantages to both countries of mutual cooperation that include buying electricity from them since they have abundant energy resources”, Hon Bihi Stated.

The Federal government of Ethiopian Minister of Finance and Treasury Hon Sufian speaking at the function said, “The agreement signed today paves way for the federal government of Ethiopia to use the important port of Berbera ,Berbera Fuel Depot and for the joint improvement of this international trade route (Berbera Corridor) which will provides significant potential for increased revenues in both Somaliland and Ethiopia.

On his part Somaliland Minister of Finance Hon Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale said, “Ethiopia and Somaliland have enjoyed smooth bilateral and multilateral relations for a long time and on behalf of people of Somaliland expressed my appreciation to the “inspiring spirit” everyone involved had demonstrated during the period, he also urged our Ethiopian compatriots to intensify engagement in development endeavors to help realize growth and economic prosperity for both countries.

1. The Federal government of Ethiopia shall now henceforth use the port of Berbera

2. The two countries shall jointly work together in the upgrading the transportation infrastructure such as the improvement of the corridor transportation networks, including upgrading the Harar-Jijiga and Jijiga-Togochale roadways in Ethiopia and Hargeisa –Berbera road as well as bridging several wadis, or flood channels.

3. The Federal government of Ethiopia shall in the near future supply Republic of Somaliland cheap electricity Power

4. Both countries shall in the future enhance security cooperation and also pledged to jointly work together in the democratization process.

The visiting delegation after signing the joint agreement departed for neighboring Ethiopia on Friday evening after concluding three days visit.











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