Samsung penetrating Ethiopian market

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Samsung’s technological innovations were introduced to the Ethiopian market at the Hilton Hotel on Thursday October 13, 2011. The products that vary from home appliances to washing machines and smart phones were displayed for visitors and potential distributors.
The forum according to Tadewos Awol Country Manager of Samsung Ethiopia is a platform to demonstrate Samsung’s strategy into African investment, as well as to showcase new products and key technology innovations that the emerging company has to offer across the African continent.Samsung
Built for Africa aims at providing products that can stand power fluctuation including solar powered products that can be used in remote areas. Samsung developed a solar powered laptop for its African market. Besides the solar powered laptop Samsung introduced its new version of the popular Galaxy tablet to the Ethiopian market. Dual SIM mobile phones, environmental friendly washing machines, air conditioners and other electronics equipment were also introduced to the Ethiopian market during the event.
Samsung is also planning to open a state-of-the-art engineering institution that aims to educate more than 10,000 electronic engineers by the end of 2015 apart from its plan to set up an assembly plant for refrigerators and home appliances with its sole agent Garad Plc in Ethiopia. Mensuir Abubakar, owner of Garad Plc. said that they are currently doing some works for setting up the assembly plant.
The institution is said to be fully equipped with the latest technological appliances and every student will be provided with the most sophisticated gadgets to help them undertake their studies easily.

Source: Capital Ethiopia

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