Ricardo to produce engines for Lifan’s SUV in Ethiopia

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The Reporter – Ricardo, an engine maker giant based in the U.K., has partnered with Lifan, a Chinese car maker, to produce the engine for Lifan’s sport utility vehicles (SUV) expected to hit the market here in the coming months, said representatives of the Yangfan Motors, subsidiary of Lifan in Ethiopia.

Engineers from Ricardo and Lifan have produced a VVT I engine for Lifan’s latest SUVs, a.k.a. Lifan X-60s, the engine being the latest in the industry.

Having a 1,800 cc power and an electrical fuel transmission passages, the engine will make the Chinese new brand to become fuel efficient and more powerful than its peers in the market, according to the representatives.


Lifan Car

Lifan’s SUV is currently being tested here to check its compatibility with the weather and terrain here in Ethiopia where it has to be driven until it covers a distance of 22,000 km, the representatives said.

The representatives said that Lifan’s SUVs will hit the market here within three to four months’ time, if all goes according to plan.

The representatives declined to mention the price tag of the new car, preferring to disclose it when the vehicle hits the market.

Lifan, which is currently assembling various brands here, have a plan to use the latest engine for the rest of the products in its line of production in the future, according to the representatives.

Lifan and Ricardo agreed to design and develop the latest engine for the former’s X-60s after negotiating for several months.

Ricardo is a global, world-class, multi-industry consultancy for engineering, technology, project innovation and strategy, according to information posted at the company’s website. With a century of delivering value, the company employs over 1,600 professional engineers, consultants and staff.

In a bid to expand its business to Ethiopia, Lifan will supply spare parts to prospective dealers here, according to the representatives.

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