Report: Canada raises alert on fraudulent Chinese visas coming from Shanghai and Addis Ababa

Canada Visa

Canadian border agents and airlines are being warned to be on the lookout for tampered Canadian visas from Chinese nationals coming from Shanghai and the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, but Ottawa is being tight-lipped about the extent of the problem and threat to this country’s security.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale confirmed to The Globe and Mail that there has been a significant spike in Chinese nationals who have been caught carrying altered Canadian visa documents to gain illegal entry into Canada. He was unable to explain how genuine Canadian temporary resident visas ended up in the hands of forgers.

“Whoever the traveller may be, it is important that border officers be alert to the risks and the dangers,” Mr. Goodale said in an interview. “I can’t comment on any specific situation but I can say that our officials are alert to the risk and they are very, very assiduous at detecting illegitimacy and making sure that our system maintains its integrity.”

The report from Globe and Mail, says there are about 60,000 Chinese living in Ethiopia and some may be trying to get entry to Canada using a fraudulent visa.


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