Regasa leads Ethiopia charge

night of action Regasa Mindaye Bejiga (top left) Alents E Hay en route to winning the men's and women's races in the SBI Bengaluru Midnight Marathon. People, who came out in numbers, enjoy their run. DH photo

India is becoming a happy hunting ground for Regasa Mindaye Bejiga. After triumphing twice in the country, the Ethiopian completed a fine hat-trick when he scripted a hard-fought victory in the SBI Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, held in the wee hours of Sunday.

In a closely-contested race that went down till the wire, the 30-year-old produced that all-important final surge to outlast compatriot Atnafu Mekonen Moti by 0.49 seconds after clocking two hours, 18 minutes and two seconds. Kenyan Benjamin took bronze with a timing of 2:20.09.

Ethiopians soared in the women’s marathon too. Alents E Hay won with a timing of 2:49.37 while Meskerem Biftu Feyssa came second in 2:49.43 with Kenya’s Koegh Regina claiming the bronze after clocking 03:08.36.

Results: Full marathon: Men, Open: Regasa Mindaye Bejiga (Ethiopia) 2:18.02, 1; Atnafu Mekonen Moti (Ethiopia) 2:18.51, 2; Benjamin (Kenya) 2:20.09, 3.

Indian: Padmanabhan R (2:36.59) 1; G Kumar (2:47.48) 2; Ashoknath (3:06.11) 3.
Women, Open: Alents E Hay (Ethiopia) 2:49.37, 1; Meskerem Biftu Feyssa (Ethiopia) 2:49.43, 2; Koegh Regina (Kenya) 03:08.36, 3.

Indian: Hiravath Patel (03:25.26) 1; Divya Vasishta (4:42.29) 2; Gayathri Dinesh (5:36.08) 3.

Carewel half marathon: Men, Open: Abel Kaboci Warunge  (Kenya) 1:06.34, 1; Yoseph Getwoy  (Ethiopia) 1:06.36, 2; Nirmal Kumar (India) 1:07.31, 3.

Indian: Nirmal Kumar (ASC) 1:07.31, 1; Santhosh (MEG) 1:07.40, 2; Sridhar Vajendra (MEG) 1:07.58, 3.

Women, Open: Askale Tena Huresa (Ethiopia) 1:14.19, 1; Ager Meronnew Belew (Ethiopia) 1:15.06, 2; Manave Mahta (Ethiopia) 1:18.00, 3.

Indian: Roopa N (1:46.33) 1; N Divya (1:50.02) 2; Krishna Kohli (1:52.59) 3.
Target 10K run: Men, International: Isaac Timbwol (Kenya) 30.13 minutes, 1; Yemata Mikiyas Lemlemu (Ethiopia) 30.34, 2; Hilu Lema (Ethiopia) 30.36, 3.

Indian: Srinu B (MEG) 31.26, 1; Immanuel (MEG) 32.28, 2; Stephen Raj (MEG) 33.15, 3.
Corporate relay: State Bank of India 1; Tesco 2; GE 3.

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