Racist man convicted for Killing Ethiopian student with baseball bat dies at 45

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PORTLAND — A man convicted of murder in a notorious 1988 Oregon hate crime has died from complications of hepatitis C.
The Oregon Department of Corrections says Kenneth Mieske fell ill at the Oregon State Penitentiary and died Tuesday night at Salem Hospital at age 45.

Mieske was sentenced to life in prison after his conviction for using a baseball bat to fatally beat an Ethiopian student, Mulugeta Seraw, on a Portland street corner.

The Oregonian says that on Nov. 12, 1988, Mieske and two companions with the skinhead gang East Side White Pride handed out racist leaflets at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

They left a beer party early the next morning and spotted Seraw on a street corner talking to two countrymen.


Racist Ken Mienske dies

The newspaper says Mieske and his friends drove up and ordered the men to move. After the two groups of men exchanged angry words, the skinheads jumped out and attacked the Ethiopians.

Source: statesmanjournal.com

Related note from ethiopiaforums.com,
Mulugeta Seraw was an Ethiopian student attending college and father of a son when he was killed by three racist neo-Nazi skinheads November 1988, at age 28, in Portland, Oregon. His father and son successfully filed a civil lawsuit against the killers and an affiliated organization, holding them liable for the murder.

Reports detail further the situation how he was killed. At about 1:30 a.m., November 13, 1988, three teenage skinheads–heavily intoxicated with beer-encountered three Ethiopian immigrants on a rainy backstreet in Portland, Oregon. The skinheads had never met the immigrants before and viceversa. Unprovoked, the skinheads singled out one immigrant named Mulugeta Seraw, a slightly-built 27-year-old employee of Avis Rent a Car and father of one son. They set upon Seraw with a baseball bat and steel-toed boots, beating him savagely and shouting, “Die nigger, die!” When they were finished, the skinheads had fractured Seraw’s skull in two places, killing him. Twenty-four-hours later, Portland police searched the three-room apartment shared by the skinheads. In the first room, they found baseball bats and clubs wrapped in barbed wire. In the second room, they found racist propaganda published by a Southern California organization known as the White Aryan Resistance. And in the third room, they found a small library on the rise and fall of Nazi Germany.


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