Queen of Sheba, Bati, Massawa Among Top Ten African Restaurants In New York

by Zelalem

Forbes Magazine has named Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant, Bati Kitchen, and Massawa (Eritrean) among the top ten African restaurants in New York based on taste, service, ambiance and consistency.


Forbes Magazine

By Farai Gundan

“I am an African. I am an African foodie. I am an African foodie in New York,” my remixed version of Sting’s classic song “Englishman in New York”.

It is the best of both worlds. Or is it three worlds? African. Foodie. New York City. Life cannot get any sweeter than this! And September magnifies the beauty of these worlds even more. Three global events take place in New York City in this month alone – New York Fashion Week, The Clinton Global Initiative and the United Nations General Assembly. And the world it seems, descends upon this cosmopolitan mega-city in unprecedented numbers. There are restaurants galore in New York City – to suit every palate, craving and gustatory fetish.

For most visitors and even New Yorkers themselves, the sheer number of restaurants in New York City can be daunting and overwhelming. So I teamed up with Akin Akinsanya, a fellow African foodie and founder and CEO of New York African Restaurant Week and his team to pick the top 10 African restaurants the Big Apple has to offer its residents and visitors – the adventurous and /or those seeking to satisfy their craving for African food.

The criteria we used for picking the best African restaurants in New York City was taste, service, ambiance and consistency.

Here are the top 10 African restaurants in New York City (in no particular order):

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