Prosecutors want Death penalty on a man blinded his ex-wife Airlines hostess Aberash Hailay

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Court Sentenced Him 14 Years.

Federal Prosecutors requested the death penalty against Fisseha Tadesse, the man who gouged out both eyes of his former wife, Ethiopian Airlines hostess, Aberash Hailay. Fisseha who faced Federal High Court Third Criminal Bench was found guilty of attempted murder and unlawful weapon possession on December 17, 2011.

Prosecutors defended their sentence request while the defense argued for a reduced sentence.

Fisseha Tadesse sentenced 14 years for blinding Aberash Hailay.
Fisseha Tadesse sentenced 14 years for blinding his ex-wife

Amongst the reasons the prosecution presented in defense of the death penalty recommendation were that Fisseha pleaded not guilty; he committed the offense against his former wife, which shows his depraved nature; the criminal act was carried out under cover of darkness; he deliberately attempted to cause the victim to suffer a brain hemorrhage; he abused his trusted position as a trusted former spouse; and that he deprived her for a life time of her livelihood in her profession.

The defense in turn asked for a reduced sentence in stating that attempted murder according to the grades of sentencing can’t justify the death penalty; they added that the prosecutors death penalty justifications were included in the original charge and shouldn’t be newly introduced now; his remorse over the crime; his having notified authorities immediately after wards thereby saving her from damage;  his clean record in the past and others.

Sentencing has been set for Friday, December 30 2011.

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