President Obama Meets with Ethiopia’s PM Hailermariam (VIDEO)

by Zelalem

On September 25, 2014, President Obama delivered remarks at a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Hailermariam Desalegn of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
In a meeting with Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Desalegn US President Obama commended the African nation on becoming “one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.” He noted that despite once being a country that “had great difficulty feeding itself,” Ethiopia was now “leading the pack” of agricultural production in Africa, with the potential to export goods and power due to “the development that’s been taking place there.”

He later praised Ethiopia on being a leader in trying to reestablish peace in regional conflict situations: “In discussions with Ban Ki-moon yesterday, we discussed how critical it is for us to improve our effectiveness when it comes to peacekeeping and conflict resolution,” the president said. “And it turns out that Ethiopia may be one of the best in the world — one of the largest contributors of peacekeeping; one of the most effective fighting forces when it comes to being placed in some very difficult situations and helping to resolve conflicts.”

Credit: YouTube/The White House

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