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Tayitu 14th Tayitu 14th

President Dr. Mulatu Teshome of Ethiopia bids farewell to the departing Ambassador of Nigeria, Ambassador Bulus Paul Lolo, at National Palace. On the occasion, President Dr. MulatuTeshome hailed the role played by Ambassador Bulus Paul Lolo in the promotion of the bilateral relations of the two nations, and requested Ambassador Lolo to convey his New Year’s greetings and well-wishes to the Government and People of Nigeria. President Dr. Mulatu said Ethiopia welcomes the involvement of Nigerian investors and business persons in a wide range of investment and trade areas for the mutual benefits for the two peoples. Towards this end, the President promised, the Government stands firm to support the engagement of Nigerian investors interested to bring their enterprises in Ethiopia. The President also pointed out that the number of Nigerian investors and business persons in Ethiopia is showing a surge. Ambassador Bulus Paul Lolo on his part highlighted that there is continual growth of the bilateral ties of the two countries since the early days of Nigeria’s independence. He noted Ethiopia’s support during Nigeria’s fight against colonialism and during when the country was plunged into civil war. Ambassador Lolo said the people and Government of Nigeria have a special place to Ethiopia, adding that the country’s contribution was commendable. He also called on Ethiopian business community members to engage in Nigeria’s priority investment areas. He noted that both countries have jointly started close cooperation and exchange of views between the business communities of the two countries with a view to promote investment and business ties.

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