[Photos] A year of protests: Togo, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Cameroon etc.

by Zelalem

Protests are very much a part of global news coverage more so in Africa. Different reasons have cause citizens to hit the streets – for the political, economic and social reasons people have protested.

From South Africa to Somalia, Democratic of Congo to Morocco, Senegal to Ethiopia and Togo to Zimbabwe, people exercised their rights to protest.

As part of our review of the news year (2017 Review), we look at a series of protest photos.

Cameroon – Anglophone protests

Togo – anti-government protests

Morocco – Al Hoceima protests

Libya slave market protests

Zimbabwe – Mugabe must go protests

Ethiopia – anti-government protests

Kenya – Election boycott protests

Uganda – Presidential term limit protest

South Africa – Zuma must fall protests

Somalia – Mogadishu attack outrage

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