Only 100 Per Cent Complete Condos Would Be Handed Over – Agency

by Zelalem

Tayitu 14th Tayitu 14th

Over 73 thousand condos to be transferred to beneficiaries 2007 EC

The Addis Ababa City Administration Housing Administration and Development Agency has finalized preparations to put for draw over 73 thousand condos in 2007 EC. House-seeker beneficiaries are expected to deposit the respective minimum saving in their bank accounts.

Agency General Manager Mesfin Mengistu so disclosed in an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald.

” Following the government’s decision, ‘unless such condos saw 100 per cent completion and got furnished with various infrastructure facilities to the extent of proving conducive for life,’ they will not be transferred to beneficiaries. Presently, the administration has commenced an initial exercise that entails deploying data collectors to single out the condo lot participants according to their saving house registration schemes.”

The General Manager further said that, the administration has been working hard to placate the city dwellers’ residential housing problems since 1996 EC. In many sites, condominium construction works are over 70, 80 and 90 per cent through. Although, facade wise, they appear fully completed they stop short of electric power and other related infrastructure facilities. Soon after they saw completion, they will be transferred to house seekers as well.

The government had transferred 20, 355 condos to beneficiaries in 2005 EC.

Saving was one of the preconditions to get registered under the aforementioned house seekers categories. Since then a monthly saving culture has been practiced under each housing schemes.

Jump-starting the houses construction work with 750 houses, the administration has expanded and beefed up its construction capacity to 50 – 60 thousand houses annually. So far, the administration had transferred over 100 thousand houses to beneficiaries in nine rounds.

On top of curbing the acute housing problem that assails the city, the condominium construction projects create job opportunities to 40-50 thousand citizens annually. In the meantime the construction industry has leapfrogged to a higher wrung of the standard ladder.

Pertaining to the quality of condos under construction, Ethiopian Construction Project Management Institute Director General Dr. Yosef Biru recalled that lack of quality was manifest in some previously constructed condos due to various causes and reasons . It may be due to lack of knowledge and capacity. Th government has been aggressively engaged in housing constructions to solve the challenges of citizens hard pressed by residential house problems. Hence, some of contractors were too eager to finalize early and as such did not follow modern construction standards.

However, presently the Institute diligently carries out capacity building activities for those who are engaged in the industry.

There is an inexplicable gratification to be derived from completing the whole project efficiently and effectively, on time and within the budget apportioned to the task, he said.

Dr. Yosef further said that a concerted effort and team spirit by stakeholders — contract owners, consultants and sub contractors — is a crucial ingredient for the successful completion of a project.

The construction cost, the time it took, defects witnessed, clients satisfaction with the outcome, profitability and productivity, promoting result-oriented objectives are the formidable performance indicators, he said

Since performance is an individual contribution to the execution of the task required in completing the construction project, the performance of each participant should be measured, evaluated and prioritized at every stage of the project phases to determine the extent to which a project has been successful, he said.

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