Norway official Siv Jensen will throw Ethiopians out of the cathedral

by ocean

Ethiopians stopped the hunger strike

Progress Party leader Siv Jensen decided to  remove  Ethiopians who held a hunger strike  from the Oslo Cathedral with force.
She asks the government to give police the authority to organize the church and place the Ethiopians with the final refusal of stay in a closed reception. Where should they be in anticipation of departure.

Jensen acknowledges that for some can be dangerous to return, but these should not be able to freely move around in the community and bring jobs and education.


Ethiopian asylum seekers hunger strike in Norway church

– What we see now, is a misuse of the church. I have no sympathy with people who defy the lawful decisions. Statistics estimates that there are between 18,000 and 30,000 undocumented rejected asylum seekers hiding in the Norwegian society. The situation is out of control, “said Jensen.

Progress Party leader, spoke Saturday to the annual meeting in Oslo County Progress. She tease irony of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre integration committee earlier this week presented its proposals.

– Welcome for! It is easy for the Minister, Mr. dialogue, to promote the course is called when the Progress Party has cleared the way for 20 years, “said Jensen.

Ends Hunger Strike

Ethiopians residing in Oslo Cathedral, has begun eating again, but still refuse to leave the church, “said dean Olav Dag Hauge.

Hunger strike is thus over, but they are still in the church.

– We hope that they take to their senses and understand that their message has come out, “Hauge told NRK.

Progress Party leader Siv Jensen took Saturday suggested that police be empowered to cast the Ethiopians out of the church.

– Now is not the Progress Party in the position that they can ask the police to do it. We wish first of all to get a resolution through negotiation and peaceful means, “Hauge said.

NOTE: This News translated by Google translator.

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Peter Bell November 5, 2011 - 11:15 pm


Peter Bell December 24, 2011 - 5:09 am

I agree totally with Siv Jensen, but wish I could have seen this in NORWEGIAN, because this translation is horrendous! An example of “English as she is spoke” Si det paa Norsk!


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