Ngp Vies to Be Competitive, Challenging the Eprdf At Upcoming Election

Tayitu 14th

The New Generation Party (NGP) said that it is working to make a difference and be as strong and competitive as other well-known parties such as the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) for the 2015 election. This was stated on the occasion of its inaugural conference held at Sarem Hotel here yesterday.

NGP President Asfaw Getachew told journalists: “We are ready to make the NGP an ever competitive party which could challenge the EPRDF. We are preparing a large number of candidates all over the country on our own if other opposition parties fail to unite for the upcoming election.”

This is because NGP is mainly composed of a new generation of members supported by veteran politicians, Asfaw added.

Asfaw said that NGP has a unique characteristic of devising new and clear peaceful struggle strategy, political economy and ideology which could stop the stance of the ruling party propaganda stating that opposition parties lack new and better policies that could rival those of the EPRDF.

He also said that the lack of consensus on a mutual political agenda among political parties, the obstacles that the ruling party creates during the campaign of opposition parties, the restrictions on the number of observers that political parties can deploy during the vote, could be cited as some of the challenges that opposition parties will be forced to face.

He called up on the ruling party, the police, the Electoral Board and other pertinent bodies to take part in keeping their promise to make the election free and fair.

Thus, the NGP Central Committee has declared its official manifesto regarding the upcoming election and national and international affairs at its general assembly.

The event was attended by NGP members, other political party leaders, invited guests and others. The NGP was established in August, 2012 and secured its legal registration license in February, 2013 from the National Electoral Board Office.

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