New $200 birr note, Ethiopian National Bank is studying to print

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Ethiopian National Bank (NBC) is considering to print a $200 birr note according to a report.

Sources that are close to the matter told to the Amharic news website, the pressure is getting high to have a 200 birr note in the market.

Some private banks already requested the National bank to print a bigger value notes since their ATM customers not able to withdraw a large amount of money at one time.Ethiopian money

Currently the maximum withdrawal limit for a customer is $4,000 birr.

A banker who is the website talk to is supporting the idea since electronic banking technology is very low and the buying rate of birr is going down time to time. The banker mentioning euro that has a € 500 note says having the idea to print a 200 even a 500 birr note is not a bad idea.


Sources told the website they are aware the studying process is going on but it might take some time to print the notes.

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