Ethiopiaforums music collected musics from the oldies time of Ethiopia to the current ones we have now.

The Legend Ethiopian music king Tilahun Gessesse,
The king of Tizita Mahmoud Ahmed,

All time favorite Aster Aweke, Bizunesh Bekele, Ephrem Tamiru, Teddy afro, Gossaye Tesfaye, Zeritu Kebede,and many many more

Collection of Ethiopian Music  ስብስብ ሙዚቃዎች

More Ethiopian Music Pages ሌሎች የሙዚቃ ገጾች
traditional-musicoromian musicaster-aweke

Ethiopian Instrumental Music በሙዚቃ መሳሪያ ብቻ የተቀነባበሩ

Ethiopian Traditional Music  ባህላዊ ዘፈኖች


traditional-musicoromian musicaster-aweke

Aster Aweke Channel የአስቴር አወቀ ዘፈኖች


Tilahun Gessese Songs Channel የጥላሁን ገሰሰ ዘፈኖች

Tilahun Gessese

የቆዩ ሙዚቃዎች Ethiopian Old School Music


Ephrem Tamiru Songs Channel  የኤፍሬም ታምሩ ዘፈኖች

Ephrem Tamiru


Zeritu Kebede Songs የዘሪቱ ከበደ ዘፈኖች

Zeritu kebede


Ethio Jazz Musics

Helen Berhe

2010 Summer Hit Musics ( English)


  1. I am looking for the text of Tsegaye Eshetu song “Yemaymot Tizitash” in English transliteration (i.e. in Amharic, but with English letters). Translation in English would be very appreciated, but I would be happy with the text even without translation. Thanks.

  2. …wow i am really exited in this collections and i would like to appreciate too. it provides to visit Ethiopia siting on one chair…..Go on…

  3. As a group interested in Music and Television from Djibouti, I find your blog pretty interesting, “Somali Music and Video Maryam Mursal Minneapolis World Beat” I will keep checking for additions.
    Well written, thank you 🙂

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