“Music is my life”, Artist Tewodros Tadesse

by Zelalem

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – With its mellow sound, Tewodros Tadesse’s music has the ability to touch his audience while leaving a lasting impression.

For more than three decades he has managed to produce music that transcends time. He started his musical career in the church, which gave him a unique way of singing, connecting with ancient sounds of Ethiopia. Born and raised in Addis Ababa, his professional musical career started when he was doing cover songs of famous musicians, especially Muluken Melesse’s ‘Wasa Megena.’ After the release of his first album, ‘Lubanjaye’, Tewodros became a household name.


His consecutive albums, ‘Eyekorekoregn’ and ‘Sadulaye’, also became huge successes. Some of his songs such as ‘Emye Ethiopia’ is sung by many as the national anthem. While residing in the US he released his fifth album entitled ‘Semto Zemale’ even though the album was done before he moved. His sixth album, ‘Zimita’, was more influenced by Jazz. The artist, who has been far away from the music scene, came back recently with a double album entitled “Tilantina Ena Zare”, which consists of different genres including folk, soul and afro-jazz fusion. The 49-year old Tewodros had a concert following the album release. He also came to Addis to do a concert on Ethiopian New Year’s Eve. During this occasion he sat with Tibebeselassie Tigabu of The Reporter to talk about his new album as well as his musical odyssey. Excerpts:

The Reporter: This album was recently released after more than three decades of stay. Tell us a few things about your new album? 

Tewodros Tadesse: This is a double album compilation of the old ones and some new songs. The 12 new songs have a style of jazz and they are different from my previous works. With the exception of the one I did with Mulatu Astatke, my old ones are more or less folk (traditional) music. With the new ones the music style and also the presentation is different.

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