Montgomery County of US Delegation Visits City of Gonder, Ethiopia

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A more than 40 member delegation of community leaders from Montgomery County led by County Executive Isiah Legget is visiting Ethiopia since September 24, 2012. The delegation in its visit to the city of Gonder signed a sister city memorandum of understanding on 28th of September. The memorandum signed between the County of Montgomery and the City of Gonder envisages cooperation between the two cities on areas of health, education and other areas of cooperation.

It particularly aims to enhance knowledge transfer, enhance economic competitiveness as well as community participation. Montgomery County being home for more than 8,000 Ethiopians and Ethiopian born Americans, the sister city agreement will have a significant role in strengthening the people to people relations between the two countries. In a reception held for the group, Isiah Legget, said the County’s Sister City Committee which includes Ethiopian subcommittee is the institutional arm tasked with translating the sister city agreement in to action. He said, as the part of this agreement Montgomery County will assist schools of all levels in Gonder .

montgomery delegation visits gonder Ethiopia

Montgomery College in particular will also be twinned with Gonder University, which is undergoing massive expansion. According to him, the County has already sent computers and medical equipments to be distributed to schools and clinics in Gonder. With regard to cooperation in the area of the health sector Montgomery County will help health centers in Gonder through its assistance of medical equipments and ambulances. He further added that” Montgomery County will work closely with City of Corvallis in Oregon State which is also a sister city of Gonder “.

Corvalis has been working with administration of city of Gonder to alleviate the problem of water shortage in Gonder. Responding to a question Ambassador Taye Atsekesellasie, Director General of the American Affairs Directorate on the occasion thanked the group for visiting Ethiopia and hailed the signing of the memorandum as a bridge linking the communities in both countries.

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