McCully heads to Ethiopia and Jordan

by Zelalem

UPDATED 9.44am: ISIS and the Syrian situation will be top of the agenda when Murray McCully visits Jordan.

AUDIO: Murray McCully chats with Josh White about his upcoming trip to Ethopia

The Foreign Minister is currently on his way to the African Union Summit in Ethiopia, before heading to the small Middle Eastern kingdom.

He’ll be investigating what more New Zealand can do to help the refugee situation there, caused by the Syrian conflict.

“Jordan’s a pretty small country and they’ve got a huge number of refugees. I’ve been to a refugee camp at Zatari and it’s pretty grim stuff.”

Murray McCully says Jordan has historically been a major proponent of the Middle East peace process.

Meanwhile, McCully says while the security issues facing Africa are of interest to New Zealand, there’s also an economic interest.

“You’re seeing significant growth rates in many of the African economies now, so there’s a huge appetite for expertise in the agriculture sector.”

Murray McCully says New Zealand has a special relationship with many African countries, which supported our bid for the UN Security Council.


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