LOOK: Coleen Garcia dons wedding dress in Ethiopia

by Zelalem

There’s definitely much anticipation over their wedding next year. 

And just in case you needed a reminder of just how gorgeous Coleen Garcia would look like as a bride, look no further than this short video uploaded by Pep on Saturday documenting a promotional photoshoot in Ethiopia, which she worked on with soon-to-be-husband Billy Crawford.

It featured the couple interacting with the locals, visiting tourist spots, and posing for their bridal shoot atop a hill. 

The shoot was for an upcoming event of The Bridal Wedding.

Details about Garcia and Crawford’s wedding next year are being kept under wraps. All fans know is it will be held sometime during summer at a “members-only island,” hinting that it may be a private affair

The couple have been together for more than four years. They got engaged in December 2016.

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