Local People Travel to Ethiopia Gifting the Gift of Sight

by Zelalem

NBCRightNow.com – A local group just got back from an African country where they made quite an impact. Doctor James Gusek of Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute plus the Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary are settling back into life here in the states.

They were able to do 262 surgeries, giving people their sight back and for one local boy, it was a life changing experience.

“It surprised me because I had never seen something like that. I mean I’ve seen poor, but not like that,” Dylan Way explained.

Way is an 8th grader at Carmichael Middle School, he’s back at school now at spending 10 days in the western part of Ethiopia, he says he has a new way of seeing life.

“Being born in America is kind of like winning the lottery…because we’re very lucky to have what we have, all the opportunities and education and resources, food, just basic necessities,” Way said.

Things kids his age in Ethiopia do not have. Often kids there spend their childhood leading the blind, missing out on school and play time…

“People come in blind and they go home walking, seeing,” Dr. Gusek said.

Doctor Gusek says one doctor in Ethiopia has his hands full with these surgeries he serves an area of three million people.

Doctor Gusek is working on training other surgeons to do the procedure

“In a 5 to 10 minutes cataract surgery, I can give somebody’s sight back and it’s a very very wonderful thing, so for me to go and do some surgery especially on some very difficult cases that maybe can’t be done by the average doctor over there is something that I want to do, is something very satisfying.,” Dr. Gusek explained.

The Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary wants to help more people in Ethiopia get their sight back and you can help.

It costs $50 per eye and $100 can change a person’s life, but also their family and community.

If you’d like to help, head to Gifting the Gift of Sight’s website, here.

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