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Oromia, Ethiopia – President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has on the third day of her official State visit to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia toured the Eastern Industry Zone – in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region located some 30 kilometers outside Addis Ababa. She acknowledged the remarkable level of progress Ethiopia was making through value addition coupled with the attendant benefits its people are reaping.

According to a dispatch, the Liberian leader was speaking during her visit to the Eastern Industry Zone, which under Phase I of its terms occupies 2.33 square kilometers of a total of square kilometers that is planned for six functions including residence, commerce, industrial warehousing, road, public utilities, greenery, etc.

President Sirleaf said she was pleased to appreciate such dramatic development seen along the route to Eastern Industry Zone involving housing and improved infrastructure. She said Eastern Industry Zone was indicative of job-creation that would particularly enable women earn decent livelihood and support the families. She noted the policies in place that have allowed investor’s confidence were also critical. President Sirleaf said she was glad to realize that shoes that appear in American shopping malls originate from Ethiopia, which was a major achievement economically.


She pointed out that with progress made in the emancipation of Africa politically – it was important to prioritize economic emancipation as well, which she noted is being aggressively led by Ethiopia. “What Ethiopia has embarked upon is in the right direction – as it constitutes an experience that Liberia can tap into to enhance the well-being of our people,” – she observed.


Speaking earlier, the General Manager of Eastern Industry Zone P.L.C. – wholly owned by Jiangsu Yongyuan Investment Co. Ltd. – Lu Qiyuan welcomed President Sirleaf and delegation to the facility and said Eastern Industry Zone is engaged in the manufacture of steel, cement, shoes among other and has an existing workforce of 4000.


The Eastern Industry Zone is regarded by the Ethiopian government as a key component of sustainable development and poverty reduction program (SDPRP) and listed as priority development project of the national industrial development plan of Ethiopia. Eastern Industry Zone is devoted to developing auxiliary service industries such as warehousing, logistics, commerce and catering to an integrated economic zone based on processing industries.

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