kenyan Man Senteced Death For Killing His Ethiopian Lover

by ocean

Sharjah: A lover accused of murdering his girlfriend faces the death sentence in Sharjah, according to court documents.

The Kenyan man, I.O., told the court that he murdered the Ethiopian woman, M.D., because she said she will break up with him.

According to court documents, the crime happened in one of the rooms in the villa number 37 in Al Ghafiya area in Sharjah.

I.O. told police that he loved M.D. for four years and he killed her because he suspected that she could have relation with another man.

The Sharjah Sharia Court of First Instance handed death sentence a month ago to the 38-year-old I.O. after being charged with premeditated murder.

Death chamber

Death chamber

According to court documents, the crime happened in one of the rooms in the villa number 37 in Al Ghafiya area in Sharjah.

Police said the woman was found stabbed with a kitchen knife in her left hand, chest, and in the stomach, which caused her death.

According to court documents, a friend and roommate of the victim told police that the victim was found dead at home.


Police investigations revealed that the boyfriend of the victim could be behind the murder.

According to police, after committing the crime, the convict had stolen Dh5,000 from his workplace and tried to escape to Oman.

The suspect told police that when he suspected his lover’s behaviour, he informed her roommate about that. The roommate in return informed the victim.

The accused said M.D. was outraged because he revealed information about their relationship to her friend and roommate.

The accused said M.D. argued with him over the issue and said she will break up with him, which forced him to kill her. The accused said he fought with M.D. with his hands and that she tried to kill him first.


The court was adjourned until the Sharia court reaches the blood parents of M.D. to inform them about the Qisas (death punishment) or receiving blood money to pardon the accused. The court has not yet been able to reach the blood parents.

The court convicted I.O. of premeditated murder and sentenced him to death according to the Federal Sharjah Law article 212.

The Appeal Court in Sharjah is now reviewing the death sentence against I.O.


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