Interview with Ethiopian Model & Social Activist Gelila Bekele

by yeEthiopiaforums

Ethiopian-born Model and Social Activist Gelila Bekele recently discussed her career and her humanitarian projects with Tadias Magazine. Gelila is currently signed with Ford Models, appearing in ads for Levi’s, Pantene, L’Oreal and Colgate as well as being featured in various fashion magazines including Essence, Marie Claire, and Allure. “I couldn’t take credit for being good at modeling, but of course you have to be a business woman to have longevity,” Gelila said, speaking about her modeling work. “It’s one of those situations where you say to yourself I have not changed but I am not the same.” Regarding her humanitarian projects Gelila focuses on access to clean water, food, and education. “Those are the three things for me that are important as a human being,” she said. “Life is a perspective, but for me if a child…has basic access to clean water, food and school and proper health care, it’s one of those situations where you are not creating for people to wait for foreign aid.” Watch Tigist Selam’s Interview with Model Gelila Bekele

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