“I will be here until the Obama administration recognizes Ms Birtukan as a political prisoner.” Chris Flaherty

by ocean

As reported on the first day May 3, on this website the huger strike started by an American film maker Chris Flaherty and his Ethiopian supporters still continues for the 3rd day until the Obama administration recognize Birtukan Mideksa as a PRISONER OF CONSCIOUS.

Mr.Chris Flaherty and supporters hunger strike

Mr.Chris Flaherty and supporters hunger strike

On Day 3 Mr. Chris told the website he still feel strong and not feel any thing from the hunger strike, be side him there is another Ethiopian person who start and still with him with the hunger strike.  Mr. Chris says he is getting a lot of support form the Ethiopian community “It gives me a strength seeing the whole day Ethiopians comes and stay with me as much as they could and thanks me for what I am doing.”

He told us by the time we talked to him there is almost 20 Ethiopians with him on the moment.

Today he gave an interview for Voice of America, deutsche welle (German Radio) and for one of the biggest US based website HuffingtonPost.

He invited every Ethiopians to join his cause in front of the White house  and ask the US government to recognize Birtukan Mideksa as a PRISONER OF CONSCIOUS and immediate release for all Ethiopian political prisoners.

Mr. Chris Flaherty

Mr. Chris Flaherty

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samroon May 6, 2010 - 12:46 pm

Thank you mr chris! thank you ! I support all the way.


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