Hundreds gathered in quest for justice for Ethiopian taxi driver murdered in Las vegas

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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – The quest for an arrest in connection with the slaying of a Las Vegas taxi driver is rallying valley-wide attention.

Hundreds gathered outside steps of the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse vowing for justice to be served against the murderer.

Those chants for justice came as Las Vegas Metro detectives ask for help outside the state of Nevada. Police are reaching for assistance from media outlets outside the state in hopes that viewers will recognize two ‘persons of interest’ shown in a taxi surveillance video.Tesfaye Arze

It’s been less than a week since Tesfaye Arze was shot to death in an apparent robbery. The 30-year-old was found shot to death outside his taxi early Friday morning in the 6300 block of High Sierra Avenue.

During Wednesday’s candlelight vigil, mourners made it very clear that they will not sit silently until Arze’s killer is captured.

“It’s time together to fight this crime not to happen again,” shouted one of Arze’s friends through a megaphone.

Tears were flowing, and anger is visibly mounting. The concept that whoever shot Arze dead is  still living free does not sit well with those gripped by the violent murder.

“It’s despicable. Why would you kill a cab driver? What are you going to get off him, $200,$300 dollars. I mean, why would you kill him?,” asked Greg Bambic, president of the Professional Drivers Association, a non-profit organization.

The Professional Drivers Association is announcing a $5,000 donation to the slain driver’s family.

Arze had moved to Southern Nevada from Ethiopia less than a year ago and was supporting family back home. Those family members are trying to transport his body back to Ethiopia.

It was shortly after Arze’s move to the United States that Greg Bambic trained Arze. Bambic says the crime strikes him personally and hits an emotional nerve.

“He was very polite. He was very nice. There was no reason he deserved to have this happen to him,” said Bambic. “As far as I’m concerned, it should be the death penalty. If they killed him, they should be killed.”

Included in the hundreds who came to remember Arze are those who have also put their safety on the line, while driving strangers around town.

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