Huawei Smart Grid Bolsters Power in Ethiopia – Product Design & Development

by Zelalem

Chinese tech giant Huawei showed off its Smart Grid, designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of power grids, at a summit in Ethiopia on Oct. 28.

The summit, organized by the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of Ethiopia, brought industry experts and executives together to talk about industry  trends and issues within the global electric power companies. They discussed new energy conversion efficiency, how to reduce line losses in long-distance transmission, and the utilization of sensors and control technologies in electric power companies.

In particular, the Huawei Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solution helps power companies improve efficiency using Hi-Power Line Carrier communication and the Internet of Things.

“Enhancing energy efficiency throughout the entire process, which includes electric power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption has become a common goal for electric power companies around the world,” said Jerry Ji, president of Energy Industry Enterprise Business Group at Huawei. “With Huawei’s Fully-connected Smart Grid Solution based on innovative ICT infrastructure, these companies can build safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable power grids to improve energy and operational efficiency.”

Huawei focused on its connections to industry partners, such as its hardware and software suppliers, and said that the company is committed to focusing on building its infrastructure.

Ethiopia’s national institution for supplying electricity, the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) group, is developing the electricity infrastructure in the country with a long-term plan to harness hydropower and digitalize more of its grids.

“Ethiopia is abundant in natural energy resources. However, hydropower, solar and wind energy currently only account for less than five percent of the country’s total energy generation,” said Mekuria Lemma, head of strategy and investment with the EEP. “We believe that these resources make up the future backbone of electric power development in our country.”

Huawei is operating in conjunction with power companies in over 160 countries.

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