Hoax Alert: NASA Confirms 6 Days Of Darkness In December

by Zelalem

(IBTIMES) Hoax makers continued to create confusion and fear as they said that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US allegedly confirmed that the Earth would suffer six days of darkness in the last month of 2014. The Web site Huzlers.com identified the dark days from Dec 16 through 22.

The hoax report said that there would be no sunlight during three of the six days because of a solar storm that would result in abundant dust and space debris that would block 90 per cent of sunlight.

It quoted Charles Bolden of NASA as saying that the solar storm would be the biggest in 250 years and would last a total of 216 hours. But it added that the six days of darkness would not cause major problems on Earth since the planet relies on artificial lighting at nights.

nasa 6 days darkness hoax

The portal’s home page describes its content as “a combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of shock.”

This same Web page has reports on Ebola death victims becoming alive and American boxer Floyd Mayweather offering a salary of $1 million a year to a personal reader who would read everything for him.


Epoch Times confirmed that thee Huzlers.com article is a hoax, although it generated thousands of “likes” and “shares” when it was published on Saturday.

Snopes.com also linked the 6 days of darkness prediction to end-of-the world doomsday prophets love to make during the yearend, citing the 2012 Apocalypse scenario linked to the Mayan Calendar hoax.

A review of NASA’s Web site also confirmed the lack of any news release on 6 days of darkness.

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