Hillary Clinton warns against “new colonialism” in Africa

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* Investment should not undermine good governance–Clinton

* Investors should do good not just well in Africa, she says

LUSAKA, June 11 (Reuters) – Africa must beware of “new colonialism” as China expands ties there and focus instead on partners able to help build productive capacity on the continent, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

Clinton, asked in a television interview in Zambia on Saturday about China’s rising influence on the continent, said Africans should be wary of friends who only deal with elites.

“We don’t want to see a new colonialism in Africa,” Clinton said in a television interview in Lusaka, the first stop on a five-day Africa tour.

“When people come to Africa to make investments, we want them to do well but also want them to do good,” she said. “We don’t want them to undermine good governance in Africa.”


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledges dancers welcoming her on Friday in Lusaka, Zambia, at the start of a five-day Africa trip that will also take her to Tanzania and Ethiopia to highlight the Obama administration's drive to help African countries meet challenges ranging from HIV/AIDS to food security and accelerate often impressive economic growth. (Reuters)

China pumped almost $10 billion in investment into Africa in 2009 and trade has taken off as Beijing buys oil and other raw materials to fuel its booming economy.

Clinton, appearing on the “Africa 360” program, called for long term “sustainable” investment that would benefit Africa.

“We saw that during colonial times it is easy to come in, take out natural resources, pay off leaders and leave,” she said.

Clinton pointed to U.S. efforts to improve political and economic governance in countries like Zambia as an example of a different approach.

“The United States is investing in the people of Zambia, not just the elites, and we are investing for the long run.”

African states, she said, could learn much from Asia on how governments can help support economic growth but said she did not see Beijing as a political role model.

“We are beginning to see a lot of problems” in China that will intensify over the next 10 years, she said, pointing to friction over Chinese efforts to control the Internet as one example. “There are more lessons to learn from the United States and democracies,” Clinton said.

Her trip, which also takes her to Tanzania and Ethiopia, is meant to highlight the Obama administration’s drive to help African countries meet challenges ranging from HIV/AIDS to food security and speed up often impressive economic growth.

Source: Reuters

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Ted June 11, 2011 - 7:34 pm

How about we Africans warn China not to lend more dollars to the US? Sounds like a loser. Wake up ma’am. Capacity building and infrastructural development done by the Chinese on the African continent within the past five years surpass what western nations have been doing in Africa for the past fifty years. Western nations have been weakening, demoralizing and exploiting Africa. America; a typical exploitative country did not only steal Africa’s natural resources, but also stool its people as slaves. Perhaps Clinton was asking Africa to watch out for another form of slavery from her country. Has America told the world what happened to late Patrice Lumumba of Zaire, now Democratic Republic of Congo? Can they tell the world what happened to late Laurent Kabila of DRC? America prop up and sustain dictators on the African continent. Wasn’t America sustaining Mubarak of Egypt until recently? Paul Biya of Cameroon? Perhaps Clinton was warning Africans of American double standard on the continent and around the world. China has a very clean and honest dealing not only with Africa but with the entire world. Africa has a lot of good stuff to learn from China than learning junk from the US and so we welcome China in Africa.

goban gergo June 14, 2011 - 4:01 pm

clinton waring the African dictators specially meles Zenawi who intended to agreed to sail African during the G 20 summite last year.
chain contyinue a secret bussinsse with Africans dictators an illegal bussines which affect the citizen . wests making bussines based official agreement which do not affect the future of the country underinternational agreement. but chain never struggle against the dictators at all. china do not give a daman attention for human rights ,democracy. just like mosqeto suck once land through agreement of the one dictator on power
USA some what clearly addressing the dictators inhuman actions which help the nations ffor struggle for there freedom

Bachot July 5, 2011 - 9:08 am

The Chinese have fully understood the needs of Africans and the cooperation with the is mutually beneficial, the fruits of this cooperation are not only visible but palpable.


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