Half A Million People Protest Against Ethiopian Government in Gonder – IN PICTURES

by Selam

Gonder Protest AmharaProtest

Gonder – Ethiopia: More than half a million protesters have flooded the streets of Gonder in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia on Sunday against the ruling government demanding a the release of jailed public leaders and to return the annexed Wolkait area by the Tigray region to the rightful owner of Amhara.

The protest, reported to have been staged in defiance of a government order, is also in solidarity with the Oromia protests held between November last year to March 2016 in opposition to a government development plan in the region which could affect poor farmers.

Images posted by protesters and other eye witnesses on social media show hundreds of thousands of people carrying Ethiopian flags without the start sign which believed by many the true and original Ethiopian flag and placards singing and chanting against the government’s regime.

Gonder Protest AmharaProtest

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