Govt and Argentina Sign a Technical Cooperation Agreement

by Zelalem

State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Berhane Gebre-Chrestos held discussions with Ambassador Eduardo Antonio Zuani, Argentine’s State Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship on Tuesday (February 10). The two State Ministers emphasized the historic relationship between the two countries and agreed on the importance of taking this to a higher level.

Ambassador Berhane said Argentina’s recent strong engagement in Ethiopia and in Africa as whole indicated the importance Argentina gave to work in close cooperation in areas of mutual interest. Ethiopia, he said, would like to diversify its links with Argentina to include more trade and investment. Ambassador Zuani said Argentina was still a newcomer to Africa and his Government would like to see enhanced South-South cooperation in technical and global cooperation. He welcomed Ethiopia’s support in international fora. In strengthening cooperation with Ethiopia, Ambassador Zuani suggested Ethiopia could be a hub for agricultural technology and knowledge transfer in which Argentina possessed significant capacity.

Ambassador Berhane expressed Ethiopia’s readiness to learn from Argentina in agriculture as this was the main catalyst in the country’s Growth and Transformation Plan. Ambassador Zuani proposed that a team of soil and cattle experts should asses to see where Argentina’s support could be most effective. He noted he had a fruitful meeting with Ethiopian Airlines to explore opportunities of opening a direct flight between Addis Ababa and Buenos Aires. Following their talks the two State ministers signed a general Technical Cooperation Agreement emphasizing the promotion and development of technical cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.

Areas of focus include the sharing of technical knowledge and experience, conducting joint research on matters of mutual interest, and the exchange and provision of technical data and information, products and equipment used for scientific experiments, as well as the exchange of improved examples of agriculture, forestry, cattle farming, aquatic and mining products. The agreement also included arrangements for implementation, participation of public and private institutions and the establishment of a Joint Commission.

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