GiGi Rocks Addis

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By Tibebeselassie Tigabu

Last Saturday, the Ghion Hotel was packed by with 6,000 fans that came to excited to see and hear the renowned singer Egigayehu Shibabawu,  also known as GiGi.

The audience’s expectations of the concert was  high  since it has been fourteen- years from her  last show and perhaps most   of the audience at the venue had never seen her perform a live concert before.

The night started with DJ Dagi’s jams and slowly boiled down to the main event, GiGi’s homecoming concert. and continued with the contemporary singer Helen Berhe, who has received major recognition with her for her recent album ‘Tasfelgeghaleh.’ Helen performed for forty-five minutes. Her fans accompanied her to non-stop cheers. with lots of cheers. Helen’s most popular song, ‘Libe’, got the loudest cheer received and loudest applause of them all. She was asked to sing this it song over and over again and again, and much to the delight of her fans, she did.


GiGi Absolutly rocks Addis After Helen’s opening performance, the MC announced it was time for the long- awaited Gi-Gi and her band ‘Element’, which is collected artists  from different countries. Among the members of the band, one was  her husband and manager Bill Laswell, who plays the bass guitar. The audience got a taste of international talent as these celebrated musicians jammed with the renowned composer Abegaz Shiwota.

Finally After much anticipation, GiGi came out dazzling in her highly beautifully decorated Habesha traditional Ethiopian clothes cloth (traditional attire). The genera of her song, ‘Bati’ was the first song of the night and the audiences sang along with her , utterly befitted her dress. Most of her fans sung along to her most popular songs to such hits , such as ‘Kahne’, ‘Zomaye’, ‘Balewashintu’ and ‘Abay’. And in the middle of her songs, Shouts of “Gi-Gi Number One!” and “We want GiGi!” were accompanying the artistrang out all night.  GiGi was appeared moved by the reception of her home crowd and overwhelmed and left fighting her tears of emotion. The This feelings was shared by her emotional fans,, some fighting back for there were also audiences who said it was very emotional for them to see her and they were fighting their tears back as well. The artist, best known for her deep lyrics and profound messages, performed for ninety minutes.

The artist, best known for her deep lyrics, profound messages, and conscious songs, gave ninety minutes of exceptional performance before she called it a night.
The audiences who were present at the show could not get enough of her and most were complaining, saying it it was too short. The one feeling that many shared, however, was the greatness of Gi-Gi. Most of the fans  that The Reporter talked   agreed that they were very excited by  her performance. The concert for the likes of Natan Mengistu, who has been , a fan for  more than 10 years, was very special , “The concert was unexpected, I mean, I know GiGi’s voice and all … but when you hear her live, and for the first time, Oh my God! It is moving, strong and very powerful. It keeps you hooked for a long time.”


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