Germany Commits 35 Million Euros for TVET Support Program

by Zelalem

Tayitu 14th

The Government of Germany committed on Wednesday (January 01) 35 million Euro to help support technical and vocational education and training (TVET) excellence institutions in Ethiopia. During the first and second phases of the program, Germany has provided 20 million Euros seeking for the development of selected TVET institutions. Launching the third phase of TVET support program at Ethio-German Financial Corporation workshop, Saskia Birling Deputy Director of German Development Bank (KfW), noted that the Bank in close association with the Government of Ethiopia has been engaged in the field of TVET over the last ten years. The Deputy Director added that 11 institutions are eligible to this support, adding that six of the 11 institutions have got priority and they will be supplied with the equipments needed next month. Nguse Gebre, Deputy Director-General of Ethiopia’s TVET Agency, on his part noted that Germany has been supportive of TVET program all over the world, emphasizing that Ethiopia is desirous of investing on the development of TVET across the country so as to dislodge poverty. The Deputy Director-General further stated that Germany’s continued support given to Ethiopia’s TVET program has yielded skilled manpower for the development of the country’s industry sector. Germany’s support program aims at turning selected institutions center of excellence for TVET besides the improvement of skills and competency of technical teaching staff as well as the provision of standard trainings for learners.

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