Forbes richest list released, Ethiopian Al Amoudi and Nigerian Aliko Dangote in the list

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Forbes magazine puts Carlos Slim on the top for the second year of annual world billionaires list.

According to the Forbes Mexican Telecom giant Carlos Slim’s wealth reached $74 billion increased by $20.5 billion from last year.

Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, who is worth $56 billion, is No. 2 on the list. Investor Warren Buffet comes in at No.3 with a net worth of $50 billion.

Mexican Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim

The fastest growing net worth belongs to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who more than tripled his wealth to $13.5 billion, putting him at the No. 52 position on the list, the magazine reported.


The richest person from Africa Aliko Dangote from Nigeria listed on the 51st with a net worth of $13.8 billion before Mark Zukerberg of Facebook.

Dangote makes his wealth from Cement factories and now he is the continent’s biggest cement maker, he has plants under construction in Zambia, Tanzania, Congo and Ethiopia and is building cement terminals in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Liberia, among other places. Dangote, who recently bought himself a $45 million Bombardier aircraft for his birthday, has been shuttling back and forth to London for months, in anticipation of a public offering there later this year.

Nigerian Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote

Dangote began his career as a commodities trader; built his Dangote Group into conglomerate with interests in sugar, flour milling, salt processing, cement manufacturing, textiles, real estate, and oil and gas.
Ethiopian-Saudi Arabian Mohammed Al Amoudi listed on 63rd with the net worth of $12.3 billion calculated in March 2011. His country of citizenship  listed as Saudi Arabia since he is a son of Saudi and  Ethiopian Mother. According to Forbes His wealth mainly comes from Oil.


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