Five U.S.- Ethiopian Universities Partnerships to Receive U.S. Embassy Seed Money Grants

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Addis Ababa, March 9: The Embassy of the United States of America today announced the results of a small grant competition to provide seed money for innovative partnerships between U.S. and Ethiopian universities. Five grants of $15,000 each will be awarded to new research, academic exchange and curriculum development partnerships between:


1. Wollo University/Langston University — Development of a Center for Small Ruminant Artificial Insemination
2. Wolaita Sodo University/University of Florida – Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management Training
3. Jimma University/Cornell University – Clean-burning Cookstove Development Project
4. Hawassa University/Washington State University – Anthropology Teaching Support and Research Collaboration
5. Bahir Dar University/University of the District of Columbia – Research Partnership on Renewable Energy

US Embassy


U.S. Ambassador Donald E. Booth noted: “Ethiopia’s visionary expansion of tertiary education throughout the country opens up many educational opportunities. The U.S. Embassy is delighted to provide initial funding to support new and innovative collaborations and partnerships between higher education institutions in Ethiopia and in the U.S.”

The seed money competition was first announced at the December 2011 conference on “Building Sustainable U.S.-Ethiopian University Partnerships,” sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and the Institute of International Education, with support from the Ministry of Education. The objectives of the grant competition were to a) grow mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships between U.S. and Ethiopian universities and colleges, b) introduce new higher education institutions to U.S. and Ethiopian partnerships, and c) strengthen the skills and experience of faculty and administrators in both countries in developing and implementing partnerships.

US Embassy Press release

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