EU Representatives Visit Ethiopia’s Health Service Delivery

by Zelalem

Representatives of the European Union Parliament and Global Fund on Friday visited two health institutions which demonstrate Ethiopia’s health service delivery.

The objective of the visit is to check on the delivery of health services in the country thereby mobilize funding to prevent malaria and other diseases in Ethiopia, according to delegation leader, Charles Goerens.

The delegation has visited two clinics, the Modjo and Koga Nejo health centers, in Oromia State.

The delegation visited the two clinics because of achievements regarding malaria, HIV and TB prevention and control activities.

“This country has many progress and I see well organized health centers that focus on disease prevention activities,” he added.

Twenty percent of the total assistance of the European Union goes to health interventions to control such diseases, he said.

Such kind of contribution has brought development in Ethiopia.

“We have seen that our assistance is making health progress possible here in Ethiopia. So after this visit we will discuss with the EU parliament to continue the program,” Goerens said.

Ethiopia has been a beneficiary of the financial support from the Global Fund, said Disease Prevention and Control Director at the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdissa Kurke.

Global Fund donated over 530 million USD to prevent HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis prevention and control.

It is helping Ethiopia to treat, prevent and control malaria, HIV and TB, and strengthen its health system so as to improve service quality in health institutions.

Through the concerted efforts being undertaken so far, Ethiopia has managed to prevent and control those diseases, Dr. Abdissa said.

The nation has managed to reduce new HIV infections by 90 percent. HIV transmission rate has also declined to 0.03 percent from the previous 0.28.

New TB infections have also declined to 247/100,000 from the 425 in 1995.

Source: ENA

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